Friday, August 29, 2008

First Trip to the Zoo

A couple of weeks ago my mom and dad came to visit us. Nathan was working, but mom, dad, and I took a trip down to forest park and drove around a little. I didn't realize how pretty it is down there and how much there is to do in that area. We finally decided to go walk around the zoo for a little while with Anastyn. It was a beautiful day and Anastyn did very well most of the time we were there. She slept quite a bit and had one little fussy period. Anyway, it was a great day with her grandparents and I can't wait until she is bigger and can really enjoy the animals. I have to give credit to the St. Louis zoo. It really is a beautiful place and the animal habitats are very nice. Anyway here are a few pics from our day.

Anastyn and I in the bird house. One short period of time when she was awake.

Enjoying the beautiful weather.

Before the zoo we spent a brief period of time in the art museum in Forest Park. As you can see she really enjoyed the peace and quiet!

A little out of it.

Grammy Tammy and Papa Kevin with Anastyn

Me, Mom and Anastyn in front of the giraffes.


Brooke said...

I wish I could have joined you! I'm a big fan of the St. Louis Zoo! The best part is that it's free!

Devin said...

Oops! Sorry, that comment was from me. I forgot to log you out! Love youo.

Devin said...

Oh, and I do know how to spell you! I know you just got excited about another comment,and it's me AGAIN!