Monday, September 13, 2010

"I wanna go school..."

On the way home from the babysitter's house Anastyn and I had a little conversation about her day that went something like this...
Me: Did you have fun at Norma's house today? (our babysitter)
Anastyn: Yeah
Me: What did you do?
Ana: I play wif Rachel...and Norma... and play wif Cody. (the dog)
Me: Did you see Brandon? (the babysitters son)
Ana: No, he at school. He play golf.
Me: Oh, I think maybe he was running (Cross Country practice)
Ana: I wanna go school.
Me: You do? What do you want to do at school?
Ana: Ummm...Eat. (That's my girl!)
Me: What would you like to learn at school?
Ana: Ummm...bout Jesus. (melt my heart)
Me: You learn about Jesus at Sunday school, don't you?
Ana: Yeah!
Just a little conversation that I would like to remember. I just thought it was funny that the first thing she thought she would like to do at school is eat...especially since she is not always a great eater. Also, I love that she said she wants to learn about Jesus...the goal is to keep her on that path. I just love, love, love this precious little two year old!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Camping Trip

A few weeks back (ok, maybe it was the end of July) we went camping with some good friends. They have two precious little girls whom Anastyn simply adores. She loves playing with them and they had such a great time running around outside and floating on the river for the weekend. We also got to go on a little nature walk through some trails near our campsite. We endured a little rain and some very hot weather, but it was such a great weekend! Anastyn got to eat roasted marshmallows, which are definitely one of her favorite things. And we had all the watermelon, cherries, oranges, and dried fruit we could eat. It was sooo good! The only hiccup came after Anastyn went to bed. She woke up a couple hours later and was fully convinced their were bugs in her bed, fish swimming in the tent (which she referred to as the tunnel), and she had gotten a little burn on her lip while eating a marshmallow, so she also was talking about her burn. She could not go back to sleep. This was about 11:00 pm and she was wide awake...eyes peeled open. I put her in bed with us, but she would sit straight up in bed every couple of minutes and scream that the bed was dirty or she had seen a bug or a fish swimming by. I don't think she gave it up until about 4:30 am and that was only after taking her to the car and putting her in her carseat. Needless to say, we were all a little exhausted the next morning! Here are some pictures of Anastyn and her friends and some of the fun they had.

See...just precious, aren't they?

Playing a little tug-o-war

Some fun with the inner tubes

A little balance beam entertainment

Some rock climbing

And some down time...I really just like this picture for some reason, I love her messy hair
all pulled up!