Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sunny Days and Sandboxes

A few weeks ago....well ok, a month ago, we had some nice warm weather and Anastyn wanted to go outside and play in her sandbox. She wanted to put her boots on over her pants and headed outside. I just thought she looked so cute. I love her hair when her ponytails get messy and it was fun to watch her walk around the yard checking everything out. We frequently have bunny rabbits in our yard and our neigbor's yard, so she was looking through the fence into our neighbor's yard trying to se a bunny. She also likes to look over into the other neighbor's yard to see if the "boys" are outside playing. She has finally started saying "girls" as well, so she lets us know who is outside at any given time.

Looking for the "boys" and "girls"

Looking for the bunny rabbit

Let me just say, it was realllly warm on this particular day. She wanted to wear these lined pants and boots and was not going to change. They do look cute on her, though.

Playing in the sandbox

I really do just love her messy little ponytails! Look at those sweet little curls falling out!