Saturday, December 25, 2010

Last Days As An Only Child

Before Natalie arrived we tried to make sure to do a few things with Anastyn to give her some extra attention before her world as an only child forever changed!

We went to eat pizza, one of her favorites, at a new place that was very good. They also had good bread, another favorite.

We played outside and got a few extra laughs in while the weather was still nice and warm.

I love these two pictures above. She somehow always manages to wear her sunglasses upside down, I love it!

We got a few cuddles in before Natalie arrived.

And snuggled with piggy, too, in an attempt to take a nap at the hospital... it didn't happen!

P.S. Ignore the date on these pictures, my camera was set wrong for a few days! oops!

Natalie's First Bath

Friday, December 17, 2010

Natalie: One Month

Natalie is one month old today! That is so hard for me to believe, time really just goes so quickly. Her well-check appt. isn't until Monday, so I don't have stats, I will post those later. She is really a pretty good baby. She eats every 2 hours during the day...usually goes 3 hours at least once or twice. She has been sleeping 3-5 hours at a time during the night. She has started smiling a I was singing to her and she started smiling at me and gave me a little coo, let me tell you, that just melts my heart! I can already tell she is going to really love Anastyn. Whenever Anastyn talks to her, kisses her, or walks/dances by she usually turns her focus to Anastyn.

On the other hand, Anastyn is such an awesome big sister. She comes in every morning and is always excited to see Natalie's eyes open. She will exclaim, " She looking at me!" She must kiss and hug her before every nap and before going to bed, and Natalie gets many other random kisses throughout the day. Anastyn usually says "my baby sister" instead of calling her by name. I am not sure why, but she will say it occasionally. She gets a kick out of Natalie passing gas, burping or going to the bathroom and is always happy to help by bringing a diaper, burp cloth, pacifier or blanket. She has really just been so sweet to her and loves her so much. I can't wait to watch them grow together, it should be very exciting!

Due to my lack of blogging I have so much to say and catch up on from the last month, but I will leave that for other posts. I am finally starting to adjust a little to having two little girls. We are starting to get into a little bit of a routine and I usually can get them both to nap together for at least 1 hour - giving me time for a shower and a bit of cleaning. Every day gets better and I am really looking forward to warmer weather when we can get out a bit more.

I took a few pictures today to document Natalies one month birthday. The one at the top shows a hint of her little smile. And the following pictures tell more of how she really felt about our little photo session! She really looks so much like Anastyn did, but there are a few little differences. I really just love both of my girls and am so glad God blessed us with two healthy, beautiful, sweet babies...and fairly good sleepers as well ;-)

I really love this pout face. This may be cruel, but sometimes I just let her cry a little longer so I can see this little pout. I didn't quite capture the full frown, it gets a little bigger still...but this is basically it...I just think it is the cutest face.

I love how she was stretched out across this calendar. ( I stole this idea from a blog I love to read called Under the Sycamore. Hers is a thousand times better, but I liked the idea and you will love her blog)
Stretched out showing us how big she is getting already!

She is officially done with this photo session and showing me that pout I love again! ( I took a lot more, she was a trooper!)
Hopefully, I will get caught up on a few things that we have done this past month. For now I am headed to bed to get my first few hours of sleep before Natalie is ready to eat!