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Jan. 13, 2009

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blueberry Picking

You pick yourself a berry
And you put it in a bucket
Pick yourself another
Plump and juicy and new
Pick yourself a handful
Too yummy for the bucket
Squoosh 'em in your mouth
Until it all turns blue

Apparently these are lyrics from a Sesame Street song that I can not find the tune to, but anyway, I thought they were cute...and fitting. About a month ago now, we decided to go blueberry picking. I LOVE blueberries and so does Anastyn and they are so good for you, so I was excited for the opportunity to go. My mom went with us and we had a great time. It was a gorgeous morning... perfect for picking. And the blueberries were the most beautiful and tasty berries I have ever seen or eaten! We each had our little buckets and we picked and ate and played for about 3 hours. We picked almost 40 pounds of blueberries. Anastyn was so much fun to watch. She loved eating them, she took a few pictures when she got bored, and used the bucket as a step stool. The farm where we picked was absolutely beautiful and so well taken care of. It was perfectly mowed and no weeds at all. It really was such an enjoyable time. I can't wait to go again next year! I will no longer apologize for my ridiculous amount of pictures with each post, I think we have all realized I can't choose between pictures and most of the time don't have the time to put them in collage form. So just scroll on down and enjoy!

Eating the blueberries was definitely the best part!

Proud of her first pick

Playing between the blueberry bushes. She walked between these 2 bushes 100 times. She was having fun.

I looked under at one point to check on her since she had gone to the other side and saw this. I thought it was just too cute. Those little legs standing on that bucket to reach the blueberries... LOVE IT!

makes me smile!

Grammy Tammy and Anastyn with some of their blueberries

Going for a big bunch!

Anastyn and mommy

Just look at those blueberries. We had 7 bags full! What a GREAT day!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet Baby Girl!

I am just blown away that my precious little baby is turning 2 today! Time just goes by too quickly. I can remember each of these pictures being taken and what we were doing at the time and I simply can't believe two years have already flown by. Anastyn is as much a joy to us now as she was in those precious first moments. She loves to laugh and play. Being outside is her all time favorite place, she could run around a yard all day! She can pretty much tell us what ever it is that she wants. We still struggle to understand some of her words, but she is perfecting them and picking up new ones all the time. She is potty trained (except for bedtime). She loves to dance to any music that is playing, and she likes to sing, but only the songs that she picks out. She can be difficult at times, being that she is quite stubborn when it comes to wanting something in particular. Still not a huge fan of getting her hair washed during bath time, but she loves to play in the water. She loves giving and receiving kisses, especially right before bedtime. She gives the best hugs and kisses ~ mommy and daddy absolutely adore them! She finally likes me to cuddle and rock her, but only when she chooses, usually when she is trying to avoid bed, but we don't mind taking advantage of that. She has her daddy wrapped tightly around her little finger and he can make her laugh harder than anyone or anything else! What more can I say? God has blessed us so richly with a precious gift and we pray we will raise her to be a strong christian woman and teach her of His love for her.We are sad to see her growing so fast, yet so excited as she changes and discovers new things. She learns so quickly and makes us smile more than anything in this world. Happy 2nd Birthday, Anastyn! We love you so much! Here are some pictures of her from the last 2 years.

Newborn- just a few weeks old

3 months

almost 6 months

9 months


almost 15 months

almost 16 months

18 months

21 months


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I am posting these a little late, but hey, better late than never.
Now, is that the look of a proud daddy or what?
Happy Father's Day, Nathan!