Saturday, November 27, 2010


Natalie Reese
7 lb. 14 oz.
4:09 pm

I am a little behind on posting about the arrival of our new, sweet, little girl, but we have been keeping quite busy with our 2 little girls and Thanksgiving festivities. I will be sure to post a little more about her arrival soon, as well as some pictures. Every thing went very well with the delivery and Anastyn is adjusting to her new role as big sister. As far as I can tell, she loves it! She is very sweet to her baby sister and gives her lots of hugs and kisses. We are so blessed to have two healthy and happy little girls. Can't wait to post some more pictures.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Happenings

Since I am clearly not going to get it together enough to do separate posts on all that we have been up to lately, I thought I would at least post a few pictures to show you what fun we have been having!

Anastyn made this candy corn "Boo" and painted the paper bag pumpkin at our fabulous babysitter's house. I thought they were adorable, of course!

Ready for church with her baby. She is getting ready to take good care of her baby sister!

We have taken some good naps!

At the annual Fredendall Fall Festival (a wonderful little fall tradition my mother has started) Anastyn tried her luck in bobbing for apples.

Londyn, Skylar and Lincoln waiting to bob for apples as well. Lincoln REALLY wanted in that bucket!

Anastyn also played a game where you are supposed to put your hands behind your back and eat a donut off of a string. Anastyn loved this game and was determined to get that donut!

We ate lots of good Halloween/fall themed food and snacks.

She loved walking my aunt's dog around the yard. She played with her for a very long time while the other kids played more games.

We went on a hayride. Here is Trent, Kesha, and Malachi. Londyn and Alexis in the background.

She "drove" the tractor after our hayride at the farm.

And Mr. Lincoln flashing his big grin! He loves the camera!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year our church decided to do a trunk-or-treat and have a chili supper fellowship. We had a wonderful time and Anastyn fared quite well in the candy department! Her little pumpkin hood didn't last too long, but she did pose for this one picture for me, big smile and all! We really love this little pumpkin! I think Anastyn was a little sad to see this holiday go, though. As we drive through the neighborhoods that were once completely decked out for Halloween she keeps asking, "Where all the pumpkins go?" She is very concerned and apparently the answers I give her aren't good enough because she keeps asking ;-)