Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Natalie: Nine Months

Natalie's first time to the beach, Huntington Beach, CA. August 17th, 2011
 (yep, need to post about that too!)
Yes, I know that I haven't done a monthly post for my daughter since like 4 months? 2 months? not even sure. She is doing awesome though! I am realizing I am just not good at doing lots of things well. The important thing is I have the monthly pictures and I know what has been going on, right?  Maybe one day I will have time to go back and add in posts, but for now there is no time to catch up. We are moving forward!

Cruising in the airport, she was loving being able to be down.

Natalie turned 9 months on August 17th. She is such a big girl now! Her first two teeth busted through a couple weeks ago and they are so stinkin' cute! I can't seem to get a picture but I promise they are definitely there.
Natalie smiles all the time. She loves for anyone to look at her and it takes a smile, a blown kiss, a wave, basically anything and she bursts into her sweet radiant smile. I love these days!
She can wave, blow kisses, give kisses, opens up for a bite, stands when I say "up", and sits when I say "down" (holding onto fingers), she has been crawling all over the place for a while now. She pulls up on everything and cruises along the couch and the pews at church.
She loves her table food. The girl eats more than her sister. CRAZY! But I love it because food fights were not my favorite times with Anastyn. She eats oatmeal with fruit mixed in every morning for breakfast and sometimes before bedtime. She eats some baby food with pieces of food mixed in, but mostly whatever vegetable, fruit, bread, pasta, or baby snack we give her on her little tray. It is fun watching her put food in her mouth, I love how she grabs it with her little pincer grasp and then pokes it in her mouth then opens her hand to assure it stays there, it seriously makes me smile every time, lol, I love it.
She loves to laugh and Anastyn is her favorite person to laugh at. All Anastyn has to say is "Boo" and Natalie is hooked. They laugh together and play in Anastyn's room together some now. I can really see the love they have for one another and that puts all sorts of dreams in my head for them as they grow. I am so proud of my little "sisters".
She says hi and dada and loves to babble and talk. I catch her talking when she has a baby doll in her hands or she likes to babble and chew on things at the same time.
She is a squealer! It is LOUD, whether she is happy or sad she at times lets out this high squeal to let us know, "hey, I am soooooo excited!!" or "I AM NOT A HAPPY GIRL!" I am pretty sure that is what she is thinking.
She is incapable of sitting still, always flipping or flopping or grabbing for things.
She likes to get into things and absolutely everything she finds goes straight in her mouth. I have fished out ponytail holders, foam letters, lint, food that has been dropped on the kitchen floor and I haven't gotten around to picking up yet...yep, EVERYTHING!

Best of Friends
She is quite the sweetheart and I am so proud of her. We are working on her walking, it won't be too long! I think she is simply precious.