Monday, February 16, 2009

7 Months and 2 Weeks

So, here is the much awaited post. At least for close family and friends and scrapbooking purposes! First of all, I truly can not believe how time flies by, 7 and 1/2 months already??? Where does the time go. Anastyn has been as busy as ever. She has learned so many new things this past month it is almost hard to keep up! As you can see by the pictures, she is walking very well when holding onto our hands. She would walk around the house all evening if we would let her. She never wants to sit down and play after she has been walking.

A little unsure at first

Gaining confidence

I think I got this thing down now!

She also looooves the computer! She crawls right over to it if she happens to catch a glimpse. She loves to hit the buttons and touch the picture of her that is on the background. And yes I said CRAWL. The little sweetie just started taking off on February 5th. Up until that point she could only go backwards. Now she can get where she wants to go a little faster. She isn't completely crawling the traditional crawl but she gets up on all fours, pulls her arms forward, pushes with her legs which launches her forward, and then she goes back down on her belly and pushes up again. We have it on video, so I will have to get that posted eventually.

She looks like she is ready to do some homework.

Such a big girl!

Other things that she has been doing this month:
Feb. 5th: As mentioned before, she started crawling.
Feb. 12th: She started sitting up completely on her own.
She gives high fives.
She can wave two different ways.
She is drinking from a sippy cup and loves to get a drink straight from mom or dad's glass.
Since mid-January until the present Anastyn has been babbling quite a bit. She says the syllables mamamama, dadadadad, babababbab, yayaya and lalalalala. She loves to talk to her little pig that is in her crib and now that she can sit up on her own we have been finding her sitting up and talking when she is supposed to be napping.
She continues to fake cough and will do it on command for Mrs. Norma and her family.
She loves music and to dance around.
She has learned how to click her tongue and makes lots of clicking or clucking noises.
She also loves her food. She eats very well and likes pretty much everything after the first couple of bites.
I feel like I am leaving something out, but I will add it if I think of it later. All I can say is we love this little girl more and more each day. She learns so quickly and is such a happy little girl. She is so much fun to play with and we are excited to see what the next month brings! Just a couple more pictures to make this officially the longest post ever!

This is the picture I get every morning when I walk into Anastyn's room. She knows I am going to walk in that door and she is always trying to see. She has even started pulling the bumber down a little so she can see a little better.

Here is Anastyn getting ready to take off crawling. It is too bad her sleeper is so big because it is kind of hard to see she is up on all fours. But she is going after her doll!

So that is it for now. Hope you enjoyed the multitude of new pictures!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Funny Valentine

Anastyn had a wonderful Valentines Day! She opened her card from mommy and daddy and played with it for awhile. She also loved her Tweety bird balloon. She got dressed up in her Valentine's Day dress from Aunt Devin and looked as cute as a bug. We went to watch Brandon (our babysitter's son) play basketball. Then we went to pick Grammy Tammy up from the airport. They were very happy to see one another and played for a little bit while Nathan and I ran to Hobby Lobby. Mom said that Anastyn showed her all of her new tricks including sitting up, crawling, coughing, clicking her tongue, going bblllll with her tongue and blowing spit bubbles. She also showed off her awesome dancing skills and how great she can walk around holding onto your fingers. ( A more thorough post on these things really is coming!) After Grammy Tammy left, Uncle Drew and Amanda came by. We went out to eat with them and Anastyn's eye caught a gentleman waving to her from the corner of the room. Much to our surprise, she started waving back very clearly. Not only did she wave with her entire arm and hand very well. Then she turned her hand and waved using just her fingers. So apparently she has two waves and has been hiding them from Mom and Dad until tonight at dinner. It was so stinking cute, she just kept waving everytime he would wave to her. She had us all laughing. We came home after a long day and put Anastyn to bed. She was so tired, but still is very proud of the fact that she can sit up all by herself, so she decided to practice this particular skill in bed. I think I just now heard silence from her room...I guess she is finally giving it up! Gotta love that sweet, funny, little Valentine!

Anastyn in her Valentine's Dress from Mrs. Norma

Is this card for me?

I think so, what could it be?

My first Valentine's card!

To Anastyn, Love Mommy and Daddy

This bunny tastes good!

And I love the balloon!

Can't forget my sunglasses with the hearts. I will look good in these.

(Too bad she doesn't really like to put them on for very long. I could never snap a picture quickly enough.) I hope everyone enjoyed my many, many pictures and I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Giddy Up

For Christmas, Anastyn got a little bouncing horse. She has loved to bounce in the doorway jumper at my mom and dad's for awhile now, so this was right up her alley. She is a jumping fool when we put her in it, but she really wants you to be watching her if she is in it. If you walk out of her view, she will stop jumping and scream to get your attention. Soo... our latest game involves her jumping and she will scream out, so I will scream back and this continues for quite some time. It is actually kind of fun, and she cracks me up. If I change the tone of my scream she tries really hard to change hers as well. So I will scream really low then she will scream low. I will scream high and she will scream high. She actually does a pretty good job changing it up.

A little screaming, a little jumping, and a few giggles!

Thanks Grandpa Darrell and Grandma Jeanette.

Friday, February 6, 2009

This Little Piggy

Anastyn has found a bedtime friend. She started grabbing my hair and sucking her thumb not to long ago, so when I would lay her down she still wanted something to hold in her hand. This little piggy was given to her when she was still in her momma's belly and has quickly became her favorite bedtime toy. She only has it when she is in her crib at night, but boy does she ever snuggle up to it.

I thought this first picture was cute because she managed to get a hold of the piggy's tail and hold it in her hand as she sucked her thumb.

Here, I guess she just wanted to make sure that the piggy wasn't going to get away. As I was snapping pictures, I then saw her pull it in closer so that she could snuggle up even more. I think it is pretty cute, especially considering she really doesn't care about the piggy until bedtime and as soon as I lay her down I hand it to her and she hugs it and rolls around a bit and then she is out.

It is just too sweet, don't you think?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Coming Soon!

I know, I know, it has been forever since I have posted, but I do have lots that needs to be posted to update everyone on our sweet little girl! We have birthday celebration pics, snuggling pics, 7 month update and more... so stay tuned I promise I will get these things posted very soon!