Friday, February 6, 2009

This Little Piggy

Anastyn has found a bedtime friend. She started grabbing my hair and sucking her thumb not to long ago, so when I would lay her down she still wanted something to hold in her hand. This little piggy was given to her when she was still in her momma's belly and has quickly became her favorite bedtime toy. She only has it when she is in her crib at night, but boy does she ever snuggle up to it.

I thought this first picture was cute because she managed to get a hold of the piggy's tail and hold it in her hand as she sucked her thumb.

Here, I guess she just wanted to make sure that the piggy wasn't going to get away. As I was snapping pictures, I then saw her pull it in closer so that she could snuggle up even more. I think it is pretty cute, especially considering she really doesn't care about the piggy until bedtime and as soon as I lay her down I hand it to her and she hugs it and rolls around a bit and then she is out.

It is just too sweet, don't you think?


Devin said...

Yes, i do think it is sweet. She is such a doll!

Grandma Del said...

She looks so sweet with her piggy can't wait to hold her soon Love you