Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When You Was A Baby...

Tonight, Anastyn was in Natalie's room while I was rocking Natalie and she saw the boppy pillow that I used for both of the girls. Our conversation went something like this.

Anastyn: I like this boppy pilwow (pillow).  It is pink and has flowers on it. It is pwetty. Where did you get that pilwow?

Me: Well, when you were still in mommy's belly, my friends had a baby shower for me and showered me with gifts (I could see her trying to figure out the shower concept). That pillow was a gift for you.

Ana: Yeah, and when you was a baby, you used that pilwow. And you was in my belwy (belly) and then you was borned.

Me: Really? (wondering where this might go)

Ana: and daddy was in my belwy (belly) and then he was borned. and Mya (her dearest friend) was borned too and she was in my belwy.

The conversation then quickly turned to something else as she often moves from topic to topic fairly quickly. I just let it go, because I am definitely not ready to explain how babies get into bellies and if she isn't asking, I am fine with letting it go for now. I just love how little ones think and I love to hear her talk. I know that soon she will be saying those l's and r's just perfectly and I will miss the baby talk...just a little.
One more thing that I want to make sure I remember. Sometimes at night I will go in to say goodnight and sing her a song. Our conversation usually goes something like:

Anastyn: Will you sing me a song
Me: Sure, what do you want me to sing
Anastyn: thinks hard and then says," ummm, how 'bout Jesus loves me" (or Zacchaeus, but lately it is always Jesus loves me)
Me: Oh, that is a good one....then I start singing.
Anastyn: Noooo... I will sing it. You can sing the hard songs (meaning "He's
Got the Whole World" or "What If All the Raindrops"
Me: OK...and then I listen as she so sweetly sings Jesus loves me. I wish I could record it so I can always go back and hear that sweet, innocent, PRECIOUS voice singing to me! But I know if I get the camera out, it will change and she will stop or start being silly. So I lay there and listen as my sometimes ornery little girl, gets all sweet voiced and sings me a song. I absolutely LOVE it and have had to fight back the tears more than once. Those are the moments that I wish she would just stay this age forever....then she screams at me as I try to pray with her (she is not always a big fan of praying, not sure why) and I quickly kiss her and tell her goodnight and hope the next phase brings more sweet moments and less ornery ones!

And because I have a million pictures and certainly won't post about half of them, I will include a few...just because!

Anastyn watching the ducks at the zoo.

Natalie catching a quick nap at the zoo

Getting ready to go see the newborn twin calves...I just love her in her boots, ready to get dirty!

While visiting friends in KC we attempted a pic of all the girls...Peyton, Harper, Anastyn, and Natalie in the back

There is just something about this sweet face...mmmmm, just want to kiss those little cheeks!
Anastyn with the twin calves. Aren't they so cute? She loves being able to get close to them and pet them.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Peer Pressure?

Last week I took Anastyn and Natalie and headed to Olathe, KS to see my good friend Karen. She had a baby girl, Harper, in February, and I had not been to meet her yet and couldn't wait any longer. Harper is absolutely beautiful and my girls just loved her...and Karen's dog, Wyatt. I will post more on our visit at a later date, but back to the point of this post. So, one day, Harper had fallen asleep in the swing and it was time for Natalie's nap, but Anastyn was already down for a nap in our room and I didn't want to chance waking her up, so I asked if I could lay Natalie in Harper's crib. Harper takes a pacifier occasionally, so there was one lying in her bed. I didn't think to take it out because Natalie has NEVER taken a pacifier. She has also NEVER slept on her belly but after I put her down and she stopped crying, I went back in to check on her and found this site. Natalie...on her belly...sucking on Harper's pacifier...she must have thought it looked good when Harper had it, so she decided to give it a try...I guess whatever works!