Thursday, May 17, 2012

Anastyn's First T-ball Game

Anastyn is playing t-ball this summer and got to play in her first game this past Saturday. She was pretty excited about it until we arrived and she got her shirt. It was way too big for her liking and she was about to throw in the towel and not play. Her dad gave her a good little talk and then her best friend showed up and she decided she would at least give it a try! I am glad she did. Her team was at bat first and she decided she wasn't quite ready to hit, she stood there for some time and then hung her head and Nathan let the next kid know that they could go ahead. Then they ran out on the field and she was good from there on out. She of course played in the dirt, spun circles, faced the outfield while kids were batting, and had a really good time learning what t-ball is all about. Her second at bat, she hit the ball and got to run the bases and she thought that was pretty fun. Her helmet was huge though, so she held it the entire time she was running. We are pretty excited for her next game!

Anastyn "calling" her friends on the way to the game.
Warm up time with Daddy, she was a little uncertain at this point.

Taking it all in
I love this picture.

First at-bat....she wouldn't hit the ball. LOL, it was pretty cute, but she just wasn't ready yet to be out there in front of everyone.

Look at that girl, bare-handing  the ball already! (this looks like an action shot to some degree, it was just a loose ball though that she happened to pick up.)

So excited about getting to run the bases after her 2nd at-bat. She had a pretty good hit and  did a great job running the bases. (meaning she knew where first, second, and third bases are!)

The helmet is obviously way too big

Seriously....could she be any cuter?

It was a good first game and she was pretty excited  when it was all said and done 

Just wants to be like the big girls!

Anastyn's #1 Fan!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Natalie's First Ponytail

I put Natalie's hair in a ponytail for the first time the other day. Goodness, when did this child get so old? She is getting so big and I thought she looked pretty cute in her ponytail. Here are a few pictures to commemorate her first "big girl' do'.

 It won't be long, she will be able to get out this door by herself.

 A ring on each hand, just checking out the birds.
Ok, last one, I promise!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Dinner Time Faces

Dinner time in our house can sometimes be quite difficult. Natalie doesn't feel like sitting in her high chair, Anastyn doesn't feel like sitting in her chair, Natalie only wants to eat your croutons not her sandwich, Ana doesn't feel like eating anything at all...unless it is peanut butter and jelly, we get distracted by cute bunnies outside on the back porch...the list goes on and on. Basically, these girls struggle to have a still moment in their day, which leads to many challenges at the table. They are so busy. ALL. THE . TIME! However, we have some really good meal times as well and one thing is for certain, these girls can crack each other up. This particular meal Natalie was making her best kissy face, which was making Anastyn laugh and try her hardest to copycat. They may not always end their meals with full bellies, but they usually have a lot of good laughs throughout the meal.