Monday, May 14, 2012

Dinner Time Faces

Dinner time in our house can sometimes be quite difficult. Natalie doesn't feel like sitting in her high chair, Anastyn doesn't feel like sitting in her chair, Natalie only wants to eat your croutons not her sandwich, Ana doesn't feel like eating anything at all...unless it is peanut butter and jelly, we get distracted by cute bunnies outside on the back porch...the list goes on and on. Basically, these girls struggle to have a still moment in their day, which leads to many challenges at the table. They are so busy. ALL. THE . TIME! However, we have some really good meal times as well and one thing is for certain, these girls can crack each other up. This particular meal Natalie was making her best kissy face, which was making Anastyn laugh and try her hardest to copycat. They may not always end their meals with full bellies, but they usually have a lot of good laughs throughout the meal.

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