Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some Days...

...You just have to smile and go with it. Today, was one of those days. The morning was going unusually smooth, (no meltdowns about getting Anastyn out of her pullup, no argument over what to have for breakfast, Anastyn ate her entire breakfast without fuss) usually at least one of these things results in a none of them! It is gonna be a good day!

Both girls were in need of a bath, so I gave Natalie hers first. Anastyn watched and played with Natalie as I washed her up and was so good. I got Natalie lotioned up, dressed, and Anastyn hopped in the tub for her bath. She was very cooperative throughout her bath and let me get her lotioned up, hair combed and clothes on with no fuss. THIS NEVER HAPPENS!!! It's gonna be a GREAT day!
Natalie was awake for abnormally long periods today, but she was very happy so it was fine. At one point I had her in her bumbo seat...and she proceeded to spit up all over her new clean clothes biggie, I immediately changed her and layed her on the floor to play.
Anastyn ate lunch and went down for her nap as usual. I was able to play with Natalie for about an hour and then she went down for her nap. BOTH girls asleep for almost 2 hours. NEVER HAPPENS!
I got laundry done, dishes washed and vegetable chopped for supper...then Anastyn woke up.
She had wet the bed during her nap...I can't remember the last time that happened, she has  been doing so well. But of course, it would happen on bath day. So I put her in the tub and soaped her up for the second time today followed by lotion...again.

She falls off the table at suppertime after being told multiple NOT to climb on the table, even if she is being nice and giving her sister's toys back every time she drops them.

Fast forward to church...Anastyn was being very good, she was standing quietly next to me in the seat and RIPS ONE! I think it even surprised her...she smiled sheepishly and giggled a little then buried her head in my shoulder. Natalie was talking, cooing amd squealing for the first 15 minutes. Then SHE RIPS ONE! Seriously? I will be honest I was fighting back laughter...people were looking so they definitely heard! And she did it AGAIN! Of course at this point, I know she is filling her diaper since she has yet to poop today. It is now time for class, Anastyn needs to go potty, so I carry Natalie into the bathroom in one arm and put Anastyn on the potty with the other hand. Thankfully, Miss Norma came along and took Anastyn to class for me.

Now to change this diaper...It. is . EVERYWHERE! It leaked up the back and out the sides and smeared down Natalie's leg as I pulled her pants off. GREAT...I go to get my wipes out of the diaper wipes. Thankfully, we keep some in the nursery at church...only apparently no one uses them because they are dry... I clean up some nastiness with the dry wipes and then take a few of them into the bathroom (just around the corner, and yes I left her unattended on a changing table for 5 seconds) to wet them down. At this point I hadn't realized that it went up her back onto her onesie... no biggie, I reach into the diaper bag for the sleeper that I always keep in there...guess extra clothes. I now have fully soiled clothes, a clean diaper and a somewhat naked baby...REALLY? Haha! Go figure...thankfully my always-prepared friend Michelle had an extra sleeper for her little girl that she so lovingly let us borrow!

All of this to really say, despite all the ups and downs of the amazes me the love God allows us to feel for our children. No matter how ornery they are, how frustrated they can make us at times, or how crazy our day only takes one little smile, "thank you, mommy", "baby sister is so pretty", silly dance move, unprompted "I love you" or hug or kiss, pure genuine laugh, or witnessing your children being kind to one another or someone else...and it completely turns that moment of frustration around and makes me smile or laugh out loud. I am so blessed in so many areas of my life and love days like today when I sit down and even though my daughter has just ruined an outfit and I am feeding her in nothing but a diaper, she stops nursing and looks up at me with the biggest grin on her face...if that doesn't melt your heart, what does? Or when Anastyn leans over and gives me a big kiss and says "I love you mommy" for no reason at all. Nothing better than our children reminding us to be kind, thoughtful, friendly, forgiving, and thankful.

Anastyn "posing" for me :-)
Loving Natalie's eyes and Anastyn's big laugh!

Friday, March 11, 2011

She Rolls!

I do not have pictures or video to document it, and it may have been a fluke...but Natalie rolled over yestereday (3/10) for the first time! She has been rolling way up on her side from her back for a while now, but she has never even tried to roll from her belly. Our friends were over and Madison (friend's little girl) was on her belly so I decided it would be a good time for Natalie to do her tummy time. So I put her on her belly facing Madison and she just leaned to the right and rolled on over! I couldn't believe it... I figured it would be quite some time before she would be doing that due to her lack of interest shown prior to now. Of course, she hasn't done it again for me...but I am sure it will happen again, and next time I will be prepared with cameras in hand!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

From the Mind of 2 Year Old

"Mom, what is that pig doing under that cow's bottom?" (as she giggles a little as if to say "silly piggy")
 Needless to say, I got to explain that is how momma cows feed their babies. Haha. Love the way their minds work. Not to mention, my little Anastyn is obsessed with piggies to begin with!
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Lovely Day for a Wagon Ride

Since it was fairly nice out we decided to go for a wagon ride around the neighborhood just to get out of the house a little. We went around 5 so it had started cooling off a bit. We bundled up and loaded into the wagon for our walk. Natalie cracked me up. She enjoyed it but had the same look on her face almost the entire ride. I thought she looked so cute in her little bear suit. I figured that would stay on better than wrapping her in a blanket. Anastyn loves having Natalie along and gets excited if she makes Natalie smile. Anastyn would have let me pull her around in this thing all day. I can't wait until it gets nicer out so we can take longer walks!

I love what I see when I look down on these girls. I love their little eyelashes, noses, and lips. And those little feet sticking out of the bumbo seat...LOVE IT! FYI, Anastyn isn't picking her nose, it just really looks like it and I couldn't get her to put her finger down!
Natalie's didn't change expressions much during our ride. She was smiling a little at the beginning and then she had this look on her face for the rest of the ride. But if she isn't crying, she is happy, so it was a successful wagon ride! ;-)

Anastyn is very hard to get pictures of these days. I have a hard time getting her to look at the camera. She also can't sit still, so I almost always have blurry pictures of her! Oh well, what do you do?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Best of Friends

Nathan and I have become good friends with a couple from our church. We both have two little girls who are close in age. They love each other very much and are becoming good friends. We pray that their friendships and love for the Lord strengthen as they grow up together. I can't think of anything better than good christian friends and we hope and pray that is what these beautiful little girls will be!

Anastyn (2 years 8 months), Natalie (3 months), Madison (6 months), and Mya (2 years 3 months)

Natalie and Madison were so cute lying here together. They would hold hands and reach out to feel the other one lying there. Maddy kept feeling Natalie's hair...until she closed her little fist and pulled a little...Natalie wasn't too happy about that!

After Maddy got Natalie's hair we turned her around so she could get her feet instead. Of course Anastyn wanted to be right in the middle of them. If I had asked her to do this, I can guarantee I would not have gotten this picture, haha, gotta love the will of a 2 year old!