Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cutie Pie!

Ok, so I know all of these pictures look about the same. But what can I say, she is so stinking cute, I couldn't decide. We thought she looked pretty in her little Sunday dress and she was so happy, so we took the opportunity to get a few good shots of her cute little smile! She is really starting to talk to us and laugh and smile. It is the sweetest sound I have ever heard when she coos and laughs. What a beautiful little blessing! We are definitely in love with our little bundle of joy! Here is that beautiful smile that we love so much!

Her cute little Sunday dress. Pretty in Pink!

Another cute smile. This is one of my favorite looks that she gives.

Daddy giving out kisses. This is one of her favorite things right now.


Grandma Del said...

She sure is a cutie pie. Give her some kisses from me.

Devin said...

Aww! I can't believe how big she is getting. So cute!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, looking forward to seeing her next weekend! (and you and nathan of course)


Anna said...

Cute, Cute! I love these pictures. I am so happy you have a blog. It is such a great way to keep up with everyone that you never get to see.