Thursday, August 14, 2008

Anastyn's First Wedding

Anastyn attended her first wedding on August 9th. She looked beautiful, if I do say so myself! And she was very well-behaved throughout the ceremony. She was quite the hit at the reception, everyone wanted a chance to hold her. Here are a few of the pics. There are plenty more, but I had to stop myself somewhere! It is really hard though. Enjoy!

Anastyn with mommy and daddy

A handsome groomsmen and his daughter!

The happy couple with Anastyn.

He was so cute with her!

I had to add this one because I never see a picture of these two together.
And this one turned out really good.

Grammy Tammy and Anastyn

Uncle Trent and Aunt Kesha with Anastyn


Devin said...

You look great in that picture. I like the changes you made to the blog, it looks good. You must really be getting into it.

Anonymous said...

You are lucky she is so well behaved! I remember being so stressed at weddings because I thought everyone was mad at me since my daughters were so noisy.


Rebecca said...

She's just so darn cute! Speaking of that pink dress you're wearing!