Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bath Time

Here are a few pictures of Anastyn at bath time. She loves her baths. Especially getting her hair washed. It is so cute to watch her face when we pour the water over her hair to rinse it out. The only cries we hear are as we take her out, I think the cold air comes as a shock every time!

Here we are all ready to go. We have our adorable robe, towel, cotton balls, washcloths and bowls of clean and soapy water. Isn't she just precious?

I love this picture. You can see her little curls if you look closely. I think they are so cute!

Anastyn's first real bath. She was loving the water and being able to stretch out.

I am not so sure what this look is all about.

I just think she looks so pretty here. I love her face and eyes right after she has had a bath.


Karen Hathaway said...

Yay! I was so excited to see that you started to make a 101 list:) Love you guys!

Devin said...

I heard Anastyn crying for her Aunt Devin. Give her kisses for me and let her know I'll see her soon.