Thursday, September 3, 2009

When You Can't Pick Just One...

Wear Them All!

Anastyn loves to play with her hair bows. She doesn't always love wearing them. But she has ALWAYS loved playing with them. She used to just pull them out of her hair to chew on. Now, she likes to pull them out of the bag... and put them back in...and carry them around... and try to put them in her own hair. One night she was trying to put them in her hair and Nathan decided to help her out a little. She thought it was pretty funny.

Daddy lending a helping hand

Where did they all go?

Giving mommy kisses

The finished product. She kind of looks like an old lady in curlers!

Just had to throw this one in there. I LOVE THESE CURLS!


Jessica said...

Those little curls are just precious! And I love all the bows. Too cute!

Devin said...

So cute. I'm glad she's coming around to the idea of bows!