Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our Little Daredevil

Anastyn has started wanting to stand up on everything. Luckily she hasn't started trying to jump off just yet, although I know those days are coming! (She did sort of jump off of the couch the other day. Jump may not be the right word, but she stepped right off and landed on her bottom on the floor. Nathan had just put pillows down there because he was afraid she might fall off because she was playing on the couch with him. She must have thought he put them there just for her, because she just stepped right off the side!)

Anyway, I was cooking dinner the other night and had put Baby Einstein on for Anastyn. While she was watching she had pulled her little cow over to sit in front of the TV. The next time I looked up, this is what I saw!

Still watching the show while climbing up



She would lose her balance a little and step down, then she would just climb right back on. I probably shouldn't encourage this behavior by stopping to take pictures, but I couldn't believe she could even keep her balance on this rocking cow!

Then we got a little chair for her (thank you, Tara). And she can hardly keep her bottom in the seat. She always steps onto it feet first and then sits down... for a short period of time. Again, I found her standing on it the other night. What are we going to do? I see some bumps and bruises in our future!


Karen Hathaway said...

Definitely a risk taker...so cute!

Devin said...

Her mother made over, or so I've heard! I think she even looks like you in these pics. Can't wait to see you all again.