Friday, October 21, 2011

Old Iron Works Days

I am so excited that we got to go the the Old Iron Works Days at Meramec Spring Park this year. I haven't been in a very long time and we happened to be in Belle the weekend my brother and some of our friends had planned to go. We had planned on heading home early to get some things accomplished around our house, but took a last minute detour and headed to St. James. It was just such a beautiful day we couldn't resist being outside. We met up with everyone and had a great time!

 Anastyn and her friend Hannah had fun climing on this antique piece of machinery. Sorry, I didn't read the sign, so I have no idea what it is.

 Posing for pictures...always makes me laugh!

 Natalie taking a break in daddy's arms.

Kesha and Sarah, two beautiful, pregnant ladies!

 I love this picture so much. Trent laughing, Malachi's unsure look, Nate's cute diaper bag backpack...just makes me smile.
We spent some time letting the kids play on this fun slide. Metal slides are so much better than the plastic ones they have nowadays. Much faster! (I know the plastic ones are probably safer...still not as much fun!)

 We explored the furnace and tried to get a picture of all the kids inside. This is as good as it gets. Haha! Anastyn is posing with a cracker in front of her mouth and everyone is truly doing their own thing.


 Can't believe this sweet thing is going to be ONE is less than a month!
 Anastyn didn't get her nap in and was beyond sleepy. Hannah started playing with her hair and they stood like this for a good minutes. It was so sweet watching them. They get along so well and Anastyn was loving having her hair played with.  

 The girls practiced their balance beam skills.

We tried our hardest to walk on stilts. NOT EASY, FOLKS!

Natalie loves every minute of being outside.

Nathan, Anastyn, Natalie, and Malachi enjoying some bluegrass.

 CRACKS. ME. UP. Hahaha! I LOVE this picture.
The girls were very tired but wanted to "pose" for me.
It took a few tries to get one with some normal smiles.

That's better. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than with family and friends that we love dearly! Thanks for letting us tag along!

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