Thursday, October 20, 2011


We were in Belle a couple of weekends ago and while Anastyn and my mom were outside looking at the garden they found this little beauty.

  We fixed up a temporary home to transport him home and decided to keep it around to watch it turn into a butterfly. We have had fun feeding it and watching it make its cocoon. Which happens insanely fast. Also, if you have never watched a caterpillar, they eat a ton and get rid of it quickly. We only had to feed it a couple days before it started making its cocoon, but it ate a lot and we definitely had to clean the cage out every day. It was a lot of fun to watch crawl around. Anastyn loved taking it out and holding it.

 Isn't it so pretty?

 Anastyn got this bug house for her birthday, so I was very excited that we had a place to put the caterpillar.

  I was having trouble getting good pictures of the cocoon. It wasn't in a very convenient photo op position. How rude! 

Isn't this so cool? We are loving the process. Can't wait to see a beautiful butterfly emerge!

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