Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our Trip to the Zoo

Anastyn loves animals of every kind. She is so curious about them and loves to watch them. So what better place to go than the zoo! It is so great living so close to the zoo. We can go for a few hours see what we want to see and be home before nap time. I think St. Louis has one of the most beautiful zoo's. The walkways are mostly shaded, the animal habitats are easy to see, and I always enjoy our time there. If you are up for a little bit of a walk (I figure you walk around all day, what is another 5-10 minutes of walking from your car), you can park for free and there is no fee to enter the zoo. They have some attractions that you pay for (which we have not done yet) but I have seen where they have passes that you can purchase for one price and do multiple things that have fees (children's zoo, train ride, sting ray pool). One day we will do those things, but for now, Anastyn enjoys walking around looking at the free sites! It was a gorgeous day and we went in the morning, so it hadn't gotten too hot yet. Luckily, after a different brand of sunscreen purchase, we had no breakouts from our sunscreen this year, unlike our zoo trip last year. It is hard to see from those pictures but her eyes were so puffy all day. Here are pics from this year's trip.

Another classic zoo picture where you enter the zoo. I love looking back and seeing pictures of us as children in this exact same spot at the zoo.

Getting a nice ride on daddy's shoulders

Checking out the fish and looking for the hippo. He was MIA that day.

The classic zoo picture

She loved climbing up on the rails to get a better look

Loving on her mama for a picture. This is when she started saying cheese for all of her pictures!

The lions were very lazy that day.

I LOVE this picture!

Anastyn likes walking on anything that requires her to balance. She is always climbing up on the curb or anything that resembles one.

Maybe she gets it from her daddy?

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Devin said...

Great pictures! She looks so grown up in all of these.