Monday, November 23, 2009

Halloween Flashback

I have been having trouble with photo storage recently and haven't been able to upload photos to the blog. I have that figured out now so I thought I should post some pictures of the first Halloween that Anastyn participated in. Being that it is almost Thanksgiving, this is definitely a flashback. We really weren't expecting much from our 16 month old on Halloween. We had a purple dinosaur costume, that Anastyn was none to thrilled about when we tried it on for practice. But we decided to give it a try anyway. We had decided to get together with our friends Matt and Michelle and their little girl, Mya. Mya was an adorable little cat and Anastyn wore her dinosaur costume. She would not put the hood on for anything though.... Until we went outside to go trick-or-treating at a couple of the neighbor's houses. As soon as we stepped outside, she let Nathan put her hood on (the head of the dinosaur) and she took off with her little pumpkin treat bucket (that we borrowed from Mya- like I said, I really wasn't expecting much). SHE LOVED IT! I wish I had video. She looked like such a big girl carrying her little treat bucket and walking up to the front doors! She was so excited and would be walking along and let out this little excited laugh. It was so much fun watching her. We had a wonderful night and a lot of fun
watching the girls enjoy all the Halloween candy that they were not going to get to consume!

As you can see, she LOVED the hood! (can you hear the sarcasm?)

Miss Mya the kitty cat

Trying to get a picture of the girls together was a little difficult. However, they both really enjoyed the candy bowl, so we used it to occupy them while we snapped a few pics.

And she is off to trick-or-treat at the first house. As soon as we got outside she was completely fine with the hood.

Fully enjoying herself. She has found a new love... m&m's.

Here are the girls checking out all the goodies.

I just thought this pic was cute. I love the little cat tail and dinosaur tail.

Another cute picture of Mya. Isn't she a doll?

They had a lot of fun digging through the candy bowls at everyone's houses.


Karen Hathaway said...

So cute! Glad you got your photo stuff figured out...I've missed the updates!

Devin said...

Ummm...ADORABLE! That's the cutest purple dinosaur I've ever seen. I wish she could have trick-or-treated with her cousins:) That kitty cat is pretty cute too!