Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This Is For Daddy

This post is completely random pictures of our little sweetheart. Anastyn says "Daddy, I hope these help, I love you verrrry much!"

Trying on her cousin's cool shoes. They look like little barbie shoes. Do you like them daddy?

Her first ever pigtails that lasted for about 2 more seconds after this picture was taken.

Another attempt at capturing her first pigtails before she ripped them out.

Playing in the hay maze with her dad at the pumpkin patch.

My favorite picture this year! At our family fall festival Nathan told the girls to race to Grammy Tammy. He had to help Anastyn out a little. I think they all look so cute and they are having so much fun!

Daddy's little helper. She will be changing brakes in no time!
Gotta love the completely mismatched outfit from head to toe!

I just really like these last two pics. The top one was at church in Tulsa and the bottom one is from when we went bowling in Tulsa. She was holding her hand over the little area that blows air out on your hands.

We miss you and love you!

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Devin said...

She is so darn cute I can hardly stand it. Love the pigtails!