Friday, April 3, 2009

9 Months

Today was Anastyn's 9 month check-up. It is official, she is a bit of a peanut, but a cute one I must add. She weighed 15 pounds 12 ounces which is the 6th percentile. She was 26 1/4 inches long which is the 12th percentile and her head measurement was 42.7 cm which is the 16th percentile. So all in all, she is a bit small! She is however, doing wonderfully. She is doing everything she should be doing at her age.

Relaxing with a cold drink

She is crawling very quickly. She pulls up on everything and is able to cruise around furniture and in between pieces of furniture. She is still a little scared to completely let go, but she tests herself often by letting go with one hand. She seems very proud of herself after doing this as well.

Anastyn loves this new toy. She will pull up on it, walk around it and play with it all day. She loves pushing the different parts and hearing the different songs. Her favorite part is the page in the middle that makes it sing songs or do numbers and letters. Thank you Matt, Michelle, & Mia.

She loves to play with everything, but mostly things that are not her toys such as her hair bows, the remote control, DVD cases, her diapers, any cord that she can possibly find and many other items that are now at her reach.
She grabs items with the pincher grasp, she makes repetitive sounds like "dada, mama, yaya, lala, baba, and aahh".
She loves crawling away from you when you say "I'm gonna get you!" She goes crawling as quickly as possible. It is very cute.
She can tell us what a piggy says. She will repeat what a cow says at times and she loves to fake cough. If anyone around her coughs, she immediately responds with a cough of her own. Even when she coughs for real she continues the cough with a fake one.
She likes to make noises with her tongue. She clicks it and goes "bblll" (farting sound?). She plays patty-cake, and peek-a-boo.
She loves books, especially her picture book with family members in it.
She is able to respond to the following:
dance - she bounces up and down
jump- she bounces up and down for this as well
shake-she will shake whatever she is holding in her hand
turn the light off- she turns the light switch down when held up to it
give kisses- she leans in and plants a wet one
up and down- she stands when you say up and sits when you say down
high five- she holds her hand up to touch ours
Does Anastyn have a bad cough?- she starts coughing
patty-cake- she claps her hands together
hi and bye- she waves
What does a piggy say?- she open her mouth and snorts

I feel like there may be a few more, but these are all I can think of for now. She is still a pretty happy little girl. She gets very excited and loves to be chased, spun around, or held and danced with. She has been teething lately and a little more fussy than usual, but the poor thing still has 0 teeth to show for it. Hopefully soon!
She is eating pretty well. She loves the little puffs and loves feeding herself. She still doesn't really like pieces of food much, but we are going to work on that this month and having a couple teeth wouldn't hurt that process either. She loves to drink from a cup and she does fairly well. She also uses her sippy cups, but at this point likes chewing on them more than drinking from them. I think they make a good teething toy!
I know there is so much more to share but I will stop here. We just love this little gal and are so excited watching all of her new accomplishments. Here are a few pictures from the last month or so.

Here Anastyn found that she could crawl underneath her new toy

This is where she realized she was unsure of how to get out from underneath it!

This is Anastyn's new friend Mia. Mia belongs to our friends Matt and Michelle.

Drinking from mommy's glass and very proud of herself!

I have to include a sleeping pic. Anastyn is all tuckered out, however, the reason I took the picture is because I thought is was cute how she had her little ankles crossed, which I now realize is kind of hard to tell from this picture!


Karen Hathaway said...

Super always:)

Devin said...

What a perfect little 9 month old. We love you Anastyn!