Thursday, October 9, 2008

3 Months Old

I am a little late on this post, but I decided to put it up anyway. October 2nd was Anastyn's 3 month birthday. I did manage to remember to take her picture, unfortunately I haven't been taking it in the same place every month so I have no comparison to see how big she has gotten. She really has a personality all her own these days. She is very opinionated and will let you know the minute she is uncomfortable or wants to change positions. Her favorite songs are "Itsy, Bitsy, Spider"~ this is the only song on her CD's she will stop crying to in the car, "Good Mornin'" from Singing in the Rain ~ I started singing a small portion of this song to her one day and now it is about the only song I can sing when she is crying that makes her stop, it also makes her smile when she is happy, finally, the "ABC's" ~ Daddy sings this to her often and it always gets her smiling and oftentimes talking. She hates tummy time, but is getting better at pushing herself onto her back as long as one arm is still under her. Her favorite toy is the flower dangling from her carseat and the flower on her bouncy seat. We often see her just sitting in the backseat staring at her flower and smiling very big at it. She loves it! She is not afraid of strangers yet, if approached, she almost immediately begins talking to them! Mommy and Daddy can try all day to get her talking with no luck, but put someone else in front of her and she has lots to say! She also loves sitting up and standing. She sits pretty well with her boppy pillow pulled closely around her and if she falls back a little she strains to try to sit back up. She tries standing most of the time though, often when we are pulling her to sit up, she just stiffens her little legs and goes straight to standing. I think I have mentioned this before but she also laughs out loud quite a bit. It is the sweetest sound and we can't hear it enough!And we love to see her big grin, which is pretty easy to coax out of her, just a couple words or funny sounds and she grins from ear to ear. Such a happy baby! I can't believe it has already been another month! She is so much fun and we love her so very much! Can't wait to see what is in store this next month.

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