Thursday, February 2, 2012

Snow Day

A few weeks back when it was much colder out, we got a small amount if snow. Anastyn has been anxiously awaiting snow since Christmas. She reeeaaaally wants to build a snowman, but we decided there just wasn't enough snow this time to make our own Frosty. So we bundled up and made snow angels, crawled around, and took short rides around the yard on the sled.

Anastyn all bundled up and ready to get outside in the snow.
Not so excited about me taking her picture.

The girls waiting for me to release them into the snow.

Stomping around in the snow

Making snow angels
Natalie had a little trouble walking since I had her so bundled up so she just decided to crawl instead.

She actually really liked the snow...until she faceplanted in it.

It was fun, but too cold to be out in for too long, so we came back in
 and made some nice warm hot chocolate!

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