Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Where's Natalie?

 For Christmas the girls received this cool easel from Santa. Marker board on one side, chalk on the other and a paper roll at the top to pull down for paintings.

 However, Natalie discovered another use for this neat toy. As I was getting supper ready one night I look over to see Natalie has found a new hiding place. The girl just saw an opening and crawled right in. Now it's a fort!

Anastyn thought her sister was quite silly, but definitely wanted to check out this cool, new place to hang out.

 So Anastyn climbed on in the other side and there my girls sat, giggling and playing with the markers that had fallen onto the tray they were sitting on. 

Natalie absolutely LOVES to climb on, in, under, and around anything. She is always getting caught in small spaces when trying to squeeze her little self through. She almost got stuck the other day trying to crawl under the rung at the bottom of her high chair. Instead of just climbing over it she was sliding under, lol, it always makes me laugh. 

And not to leave Anastyn out, since my posting has been quite slim lately, she is getting to be such a big girl. She is always dressing up and putting on shows for us. She loves to sing and dance. She also likes to help out around the house. She was sweeping the crumbs up for me the other day with her little hand broom. She loves her sister dearly and is always saying, "Mom, look at Natalie, she is so funny!", she loves that Natalie will now come give her a big hug and kiss before bed as well. She has been working on writing her letters, but prefers to "teach" me. 

I promise, more posts to come. I really need to document some things on both girls!

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