Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trunk Or Treat 2011

We attended the 2nd annual Trunk or Treat at St. Peters Church of Christ, after services Sunday night. We had a great turnout and a chili supper to follow. Anastyn had so much fun, she really got it this year and loved saying "Trick or Treat". She did a very good job saying thank you to everyone as well. When we were on our way home she said, "Guess what?! I got SKITTLES! TWO OF THEM! It is just what I always wanted!" Haha, she can always make me laugh. I am so glad she got what she REALLY wanted! She is just getting too big. Natalie had a good time as well. She loved taking things out of the buckets and putting it in her own. Too bad she doesn't get to taste half of what she picked out! She spent most of her times sitting in the back of our car sucking on the paper of a sucker. Hey, she doesn't even know the difference...yet. Here are a few pictures from our evening.

The girls were matching fairy ballerinas. (Thanks, Devin) Anastyn was especially excited that I let her wear some makeup and loved having her hair in a bun. Yay, maybe we are turning a corner and she will start letting me fix her hair again! (hey, a mama can dream!)

Natalie also got her first real ponytail. I made sure to secure it tightly because she is sure to pull it out if at all possible. I LOVED IT! It made her blue eyes shine just a bit brighter.

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