Friday, July 8, 2011

And She's 3...

Just like that... Crazy how that happens!

Last Saturday (July 2) was Anastyn's 3rd birthday. She has told us for 6 months that she wanted to have a "Tangled" birthday. (Actually, a "Tangled" cake, but we did cupcakes instead and due to lack of time, no "Tangled" cake. I had considered making this one. That I found on this website. Luckily, the "Tangled" theme was enough and she didn't even mention the cake. Flowered cupcakes were good enough. Yay for 3 year olds!)

Anyway, as soon as Anastyn woke up we had this conversation. ( I wish you could hear her sweet little voice!)
Me: Do you know what day it is?
Anastyn responded sleepily:'s my birfday
Me: Yes it is, do you know how old you are?
Anastyn: I'm free (3), (as she tries to hold up her 3 fingers.)
Me: That's right. You are three.
Anastyn: So, I'm not 2 anymore?
Me: Nope, you are 3

And just like that...she is 3....CRAZY...where does the time go. When did she change from that sweet baby I would sing to sleep into this beautiful toddler that I still (thankfully) get to sing to sleep sometimes (only now she picks the songs)?

Well, I was going to post all about her party, but I think I will post those pictures and details later and just make sure I get down those things I want to remember about my 3 year old.

Anastyn is definitely one of a kind. She has the best laugh and loves to be silly. She loves to dance and is sure to be seen busting a move of some sort if she hears any music playing...I laugh thinking about it! So cute.

She is quite ornery as well. She can go from sweet as pie to ornery in no time flat and vice versa. It is almost crazy to witness...but it happens.

She knows exactly what she wants and is EXTREMELY independent...I know part of it is the age, but I have a feeling she is going to hold on to that independence.

She wants to try to do everything by herself, but is pretty good at recognizing when she needs help and will ask for it.

I find she responds to things much better if I explain what I am doing first especially if I am going to be rushing her. Example: "When we get to the store you are going to have to ride in the cart and stay there. We are in a hurry and just need to grab a few things. Okay? You aren't going to be able to walk this time." She may not like it but will not put up much of a fight as opposed to me getting her out of the car and putting her in the cart when she THINKS she is going to be walking with me. That can be a nightmare. So I try to stay a step ahead, but it doesn't always happen and tantrums do arise.

Anastyn loves her family very much and is becoming very close with her cousins. They all are so good to one another and I am really excited to see their relationships develop as they grow.

She loves animals and often points out any that she sees as we are driving.

She hates to be dirty, we finger painted some this spring and she would paint a while then completely clean her hands on a towel and start painting again. I am not sure if I have ever seen a child do that...I am sure they have, but it makes me laugh. And yet she will hold worms, and bunnies, and pet dogs, cows, goats, etc.

She is really starting to be a girlie girl. She enjoys picking out her clothes, and almost always ends up picking a skirt or dress. She likes to wear jewelry, especially rings...and shoes, how could I forget her love for shoes. She always wants to pick her shoes and changes them frequently. For her birthday she got some of those play high heels and wants to wear them everywhere. I gave in and actually let her wear them into was just too cute, and she can actually walk in them. She quickly changed into shoes that were easier to run and play in though...just like her mama in that way!  And she is finally letting me fix her hair again...but pretty much only wants a braid, not a ponytail.

She makes Natalie smile bigger and laugh harder than anyone else can. I am so happy to be able to see my girls together and the bond that they share as sisters.

She often crawls into our bed in the middle of the night, however, sometimes we will wake up and find her in the floor at the end of our bed or in her bedroom floor...we have yet to figure out why she doesn't make it to our bed on those nights.

She is also very proud of Natalie and gets as excited as we do when she reaches the next milestone. She will exclaim, "Yay Matalie. Look, mom, she is _____ (insert new thing she is doing)" (she refuses to say the N in her name)

She still dislikes having her teeth brushed but FINALLY lets us wash her hair without screaming and fighting, now she just tips her head back.

She is shy with people she first meets, but is starting to warm up much more quickly than she used to.

She loves going to bible class and at VBS this year she started singing the songs with everyone, the first night she was too shy but sang loudly the rest of the week.

She is a precious, ornery, caring, stubborn, loving, silly, beautiful, fashionable, strong willed, always learning, sweet, fit throwing, cuddly, huggable, kissable, apologetic, energetic, kind-hearted, shy, outdoor loving, sweet-toothed 3 year old and I love her to pieces...every last inch of her.

Pictures of the party coming soon!


Devin said...

Happy Birthday sweet Anastyn! We love you, and were so glad we got to spend the day with you to celebrate at your "Tangled" party!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the shoes for the girlie girl paragraph. She loves shoes

Justin Cornell said...

It's amazing how we look forward to some independence from our kids but when they actually gain it, we want them to them to give some of it up. It's funny how she only like braids right now. Thank goodness for mommies who know how to braid.

- I used to sleep at the foot of my parents bed (on the floor) when I was young. I just wanted to be close to them but didn't want to get in bed with them because they would make be go back to my bed. (Kids are smarter then we give them credit for.)

Anastyn sounds like a very fun 3 year old!