Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Down on the Farm

A few weeks ago we went to Belle for the weekend. While we were there, a calf was born one morning. Anastyn (and all the cousins) really like to go out to the farm for any reason, so to get to see a newborn calf was especially exciting! It happened to be one of the colder weekends, but we all made the trek out to see the calf. I thought it was just too cute how my dad was carrying the little ones (to keep them out of the mud) and how Skylar and Londyn were following behind. They all looked precious walking through the field together.

Heading out to see the newborn calf

It walked right up to us, everyone was pretty excited.

So cute!

Anastyn actually touched it. I was a little surprised, but she just walked right up to it without any hesitation. She loves any kind of baby!

My dad with Lincoln

I love this picture of Anastyn on her Papa's shoulders

Heading back to the truck, don't they look so cute all traipsing along? I just love it!

I think these two are going to be pretty good friends. They are fun to watch together.

Jumping over the mud puddles

Skylar always gives me her best smile and pose. I love these girls...they really are so good and sweet.

It takes a lot for me to not go fix things like this pant leg over her boot (because personally it would drive me crazy), but when I see it for some reason I smile so big. I love how cute she looks in her green rubber boots and her pigtails and her little hands in her sleeves...ok so I love EVERYTHING about this little sweetheart!

Mr. Lincoln...such a fun little guy

We were leaving so Anastyn was telling my mom bye, I caught this pic and thought it was pretty sweet.


Sarah said...

Super cute pictures. I absolutely LOVE the pic of Anastyn and your dad!

Jordyn said...

I love this post! So cute, Brooke . . . . and I especially love that pic of Anastyn from behind with the pant leg scrunched on the boot. She is too adorable!