Monday, February 28, 2011

Natalie: Three Months

 Natalie turned 3 months on February 17th. She is smiling and grinning so big all of the time, but I can not catch it on camera! Little stinker already!

It is funny how time works on the mind. Although 3 months is a short amount of time, it is hard to remember life without my 2 beautiful little girls! They are just so sweet together and you can tell they really love one another. I am trying to remember and cherish these days because I know the days of hair pulling and door slamming are sure to follow! The only thing that Anastyn really does that isn't very nice to Natalie is in the car occasionally she will poke her in the eye! Just because! I finally moved her seat over so she can't reach Natalie anymore and it made her sad :-( She also likes to hold her hand in the car, but I explained why I moved her and maybe one day I can move them back together!

Anyway, Natalie at 3 months...I have no complaints!
She is an easy going baby.
She is a good sleeper and goes down easily.

Loves to talk ALOT! Mostly in the morning and late at night. I love to hear those sweet oohh's and aahhh's. She gets very excited when she sees Anastyn.
She loves being tickled
She loves to have her cheeks kissed...she just stays very still with her mouth wide open when you kiss her cheek... I love it!

She has CRAZY hair! It is always standing straight up in the back! haha LOVE IT!

She loves listening to people sing and talk, she assumes all talking is to her and gets very happy.
She falls asleep in the car almost every time we go anywhere.
She is trying to roll, she rolls from her back up onto her side.

She likes to be held facing outward.
I don't h ave 3 month stats because we don't go to the doctor this month but I think she weighs around 12 pounds. She is starting to outgrow her 0-3 month clothes.

And I just adore this sweet face. She just looks at you so intently and waits for you to make her grin, which is quite easy to long as you don't havea camera in her face!

Is there anyone who doesn't just love baby toes?

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Jordyn said...

Brooke, She is so cute! I love that hair! I am really loving the head band - we have a ton, but there is always room for more! I just wish they fit me to :) I laughed when I read that Anastyn pokes Natalie in the eye "just because." It cracks me up - hope they get to sit close together soon! :) Hope all is well and glad you are enjoying your days with the girls.